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    Be careful that you are not deceived by some sellers that call anything that looks like Florida a Highwaymen painting -- the value of which could be questionable.

    Highwaymen style, highwaymen inspired, highwaymen type, highwaymen genre, highwaymen like, pre-Highwaymen, post-Highwaymen, Highwaymen school, Highwaymen EBSQ, etc. aren't Highwaymen paintings. If you think it's to good to be true then you are probably right -- it ain't true!

    Be wary of internet sellers that use the "Private Auction" feature! Wonder what they are trying to hide?

    Know who your dealing with and what you are buying.


    I am always buying Florida Art and Highwaymen paintings.

    Various scenes such as landscapes, beach and river scenes, native americans, portraits, etc.

    Various artists wanted: Highwaymen, George Buckner, Harold Newton, Alfred Hair, R. A. McLendon, Mary Ann Carroll, A. Moran and other Florida artists such as: A.E.Backus, James Hutchinson, Emmett Fritz, E.G.Barnhill, Catherine Stockwell, Joe Selby, etc.

    Email me, Geoff Cook at:
    or please call 321-917-4884
    Thank You!

    Thanks for visiting my website and viewing part of my collection.


    The following is a list of "Highwaymen" artists that were inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame on March 24, 2004

    C. Arnett
    H. Baker
    A. Black
    E. Buckner
    G. Buckner
    R. Butler
    M. A. Carroll
    J. Daniels
    W. Daniels
    R. Demps
    J. Gibson
    A. Hair
    I. Knight
    R. L. Lewis
    J. Maynor
    R. A. McLendon
    A. Moran
    H. Newton
    L. Newton
    S. Newton
    L. Roberts
    W. Reagan
    C. Smith
    C. Walker
    S.M. Wells
    C. Wheeler

    = deceased