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    Buyer Beware

    Some people will say anything for a buck!

    Don't get ripped off - Read below!

    It appears as though some eBay sellers and some Florida auctioneers are intentionally trying to pass off any tropical landscape style painting as Highwaymen art. Last time I checked the list of Highwaymen Artists that are listed in any of the Highwamen books I find no mention of:
    Horace Foster, not a Highwaymen
    Michael Sears, not a Highwaymen
    Smitty, he's white, not a Highwaymen
    Jerry Chaput, he's white, not a Highwaymen
    Norman Wright, not a Highwaymen
    Lost Years 2.1, he's white, not a Highwaymen
    Tracy Newton, not a Highwaymen!!!
    (What's a 2nd generation? You either lived it or you didn't)
    And just because some dealer puts a 25 cent plaque on a painting doesn't make it worth anything.

    and other Florida themed artists that continually show up on eBay and Auction Houses as Highwaymen. The only Highwaymen Artists that are listed in any books are also the only Highwaymen Artists that were inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in March of 2004. Just because somebody went to school with an artist, can hold a paint brush or took a lesson at one time or another doesn't make them a Highwayman. The auctioneers are listing these ??artists?? as Highwaymen style or Highwaymen type. Shame on the auction houses and eBay sellers for not describing them for what they are.

    For a list of real Highwaymen Artists please see below:

    C. Arnett
    H. Baker
    A. Black
    E. Buckner
    G. Buckner
    R. Butler
    M. A. Carroll
    J. Daniels
    W. Daniels
    R. Demps
    J. Gibson
    A. Hair
    I. Knight
    R. L. Lewis
    J. Maynor
    R. A. McLendon
    A. Moran
    H. Newton
    L. Newton
    S. Newton
    L. Roberts
    W. Reagan
    C. Smith
    C. Walker
    S.M. Wells
    C. Wheeler

    = deceased