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    Florida House
    Number One Second Street, N.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20002


    Florida's Highwaymen

    Exhibit extended thru August 2011

    Monday thru Friday

    9:00am until 5:00pm

    Closed on Holidays

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    Florida House, the “goodwill embassy” in Washington, D.C., presents an exhibit of vintage Florida landscapes created by the famed Florida Highwaymen, a group of 26 African American artists (25 men and 1 woman) who made history in capturing the vibrant Florida landscape. The Florida Highwaymen ventured forth almost 50 years ago in a quest to free themselves from convention and inadvertently found a lifelong career and also notoriety and fame, as they are all now in the Florida Artist's Hall of Fame (along with other artists such as Ray Charles, Ernest Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams). The paintings of these artists, many of whom are deceased, are the prized possessions of collectors and art enthusiasts.

    Writer Bob Beatty, in his book “Florida’s Highwaymen: Legendary Landscapes” described their work: “They crafted art that vividly and compellingly depicted Florida’s landscape, developed techniques to rapidly produce these paintings and, excluded from the traditional world of art shows and galleries, created nontraditional methods to market their work.”

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    This exhibit made possible by:
    The Florida House ~ www.floridaembassy.com

    The Florida Humanities Council ~ www.flahum.org

    Special Thanks to:
    Sandra Wills Hannon ~ www.thehannongroup.com

    Paintings courtesy of Tony Hayton ~ Ottawa, Canada